April 13 2024

Psychic Spring Clean

Stephen Pritchard

What is the relationship between imagination, ritual, dream, spectacle and performance? In writing about the experience of Active Imagination Jung chose the image of the theatre. We can either witness it as a spectacle, or we may feel that ‘The piece that is being played does not want merely to be watched impartially, it wants to compel participation. If we understand that our own drama is being performed on this inner stage, we cannot remain indifferent to the plot and its denouement…Although, to a certain extent, we look on from outside, impartially, we are also an acting and suffering figure in the drama of the psyche’ (Jung, Mysterium Coniunctionis: 1955-6). Artaud, the visionary French theatre practitioner, set out to create a drama that would be a form of ‘soul therapy’.

We invite you to participate in a series of enjoyable group activities which offer the possibility of insight and transformation. Come and play.

Stephen Pritchard has lectured and run workshops for Jungian groups in Bristol and London. He is a committee member and sometime host for the Jung Lectures Bristol. Stephen studied English at Oxford and is Secretary of the Blake Society. After co-founding the WOMAD Festival with Peter Gabriel and friends, Stephen worked in the performing arts (music, dance, theatre). As a theatre practitioner he specialises in psychophysical work through teaching and performance. Stephen has produced a series of drama films for education. He has been a Drama Consultant, visiting practitioner and guest Director, running workshops in schools, universities, businesses and organisations both in the UK and abroad.


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